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 "WHAT IS ELF?".....ERBIUM LASER FILM - "It is an aluminized cellulose film that has been laser treated to give a full infinite spectrum at 360 degrees to 100% of the film. Everywhere that light hits it - BOOM- light plus colour back at you!"


Erbium Laser-Look Burnish.

This baby just tops it all off. Add amazing light changing/ colour changing highlights to all of your pieces and embellishments. Put glue where you want a zap of laser, when it dries to tacky put down the burnish and rub it gently in a polishing motion. Lift the burnish off and voila! - you have transferred the laser onto your art. Easy Peasy! 

Find ELF LASER FILM on page 4 of the web store. 

ELF LASER FILM SYSTEM....One Painting, hundreds of different prints, by changing camera angle by only a millimeter. Each move throws light up from a different aspect and you have an artistic journey to drive for as far as you want. Because there is an infinite spectrum covering 100% of the film, there is no place that you can't throw up light and colour - you just have to learn to manoeuvre it.

Please, CLICK on an image to watch the entire light show

Again, one image, hundreds of beautiful photos to print.
Please, CLICK on an image to watch the entire lightshow


Who hasn't knocked their ink over?

Well, work freely with the lids open with the 

likely-hood of knocking them over taken care 

of with these snuggly little cradles made especially

to keep bottles stable and upright. Mind you, if I let

an elbow fly I can certainly topple them but that's extreme. Web store page 4.

Would you like to paint butterflies?

These little beauties are clear acetate

so you can achieve the most fabulous 3D Effects.

Of course you can do more with the torso than I have

done (but I'm ridiculously busy right now). The black outline

takes the ink without a second glance and I have cleaned

the ink back off with pure alcohol more times than I would

like to admit. Even if you're a seasoned artist with fabulous

drawing skills, making these 3D art editions could never be

faster or more enjoyable.

Find them Page 4 - Web Store


'Flossy and Korinne' from the new Chiffon Collection. That shimmer is lovely and the C T Paper glows.


Emits flashes of  gold, green and copper as light angle changes. Brilliant refraction.

The magnum opus of alcohol inks, this baby goes down like fused foil, emulating dichroic glass magnificently. Add mind blowing highlights to your paintings, glass, slick surfaces, nails and polymer clay.


New Year's Surprises in the tube right now.....

This is how we play! Liquid Dichro straight onto milk glass using plastic pipettes. You can find the milk glass in our web store too. We have some funky jewellery findings as well. Make your own pieces - we even have the chains and chokers. (Check out some genuine dichroic glass on Etsy and Pinterest and celebrate that you can now make it with no kiln, no torch or traditional glass making equipment. No more $10,000 studio set ups. How amazing is this?). Did I hear you say nails? Yes - we've got that covered. Close your eyes and imagine dichroic nails. This is a magnificent top end product. Quantities are extremely limited for this first month but don't worry the lab is all fired up ready to produce more. 

CTP NOW AVAILABLE IN PACKS OF 20 A4 SHEETS -  check our web store today!


Give your abstract some shimmer and shine. You can use this magic instead of blender or in 

addition to blender. Comes pre-mixed with Inking Resin in a dehydrated form to allow global

shipping. Just fill with full strength Isopropyl Alcohol, leave to sit for a day and then shake, shake, shake. Shake some more each time you use it. Play and experiment until you get your desired look - it's a personal taste thing. Available in double strength also- so you can decant into 200ml bottle. We now have a choice! Pouch bottles are available in 1000ml and 2000ml.  They come with a long plastic pipette to make using it a breeze.


We have lots planned, from the amazing 'CTP' - to Mineral Blender (which will give everything you work on an interference gold shimmer). Add that to the famous CTP GLOW and you've got a recipe for incredible refraction, reflection, light play and effects. Mineral Blender is available now. There are other interesting and quite unexpected products on the lab table and we'll tell you more about them as we get closer to their release.

 This substrate is not in competition with Yupo, which is a multi purpose substrate designed originally for product labeling and the like.  CTP is an exciting new substrate that is a top end art surface, designed specifically for use with alcohol inks. It features two layers - a special skin which encapsulates millions of tiny light reflecting particles. This gives it a pearl look and that is the secret to the now famous CTP GLOW. No other substrate throws light back through your dyes and pigments with this luminosity. CTP was designed as a substitute for ceramic tiles, giving a similar high gloss and non porous surface without the bulk and weight. People are describing it as "Far more beautiful to work on than tiles". It truly is superb. Wiping back to white is also amazing. No need for expensive masking fluids. With a touch of alcohol on a cotton tip etc., you can take 100% of the colour back off - revealing pristine white again. A 'flop' can be completely removed, leaving a clean surface that can be reworked over and over. Markers are like a magic new tool when used on the CTP. Like liquid silk. We have seen some absolutely beautiful artwork being created using markers alone. CTP is a 'game changer' in the alcohol ink genre and we look forward to hearing about your discoveries and experiences. There is a definite learning curve and like all new surfaces it takes a little playing to get the feel for it.

We have opened our Gallery and Market Page to display Your work with Alcohol Ink on our Ceramic Tile Paper. If you have pieces that you would like included, please email your photos to [email protected]  Remember to include your name and where you are from, email address, the title of your piece, dimensions and if you wish to sell - let everyone know if you will sell it framed, mounted, or matted only. Because we are not in competition with each other it would be best not to advertise your selling price. Any interested parties will be referred to your email address for private conversations in that regard. We are posting Nanny's work on CTP - right back from when we had our first thin and flimsy wafer ctp produced in 2017. It still has the glorious CTP skin which was our starting point but it's now two layers of CTP lucsiousness, so you can see the CTP GLOW happening.

CHECK OUT OUR SHOPPING PAGES - we will be adding postal quotes for more and more countries as time passes.


Best Wishes and Happy Arting.  Love Erbie and Nanny xx