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 PAY WITH PAYPAL AND CHOOSE AFTERPAY - The 4 easy payments method.


We think this is a pretty awesome idea and are giving this a trial run.

To make shopping at Funkadelic more like shopping in your own country financially, we are giving you free ink to the value of at least half of your postage cost. Not just any inks either. Beautiful, top quality Chiffons and Liquid Dichros! How cool is that!

IMPORTANT: WHEN YOU GET TO THE REGISTER PLEASE SCROLL TO THE COUNTRY THAT YOU WANT YOUR ORDER SENT TO. If you choose Australia and pay the Australian postage but give us an address in a different country we can't process your order. Your purchase price will  be refunded and you will have to start your order again, until you choose the country that corresponds with the address you provide.

This deal is only available from our webstore.

We are finally in our new store, in our new town in NSW and it's exciting stuff!

Thank you so much to all who sent us their best wishes. We are really grateful. We know we are nothing without you and we really appreciate the way you shower your love upon us.

We have some awesome surprises coming your way!

Lots of Love,  Team Funkadelic. xxx

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