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This product is exclusive to Funkadelic in Australia. It is the thickest most luscious UV Resin on the market and petrifies under our 55 lumen torches instantly. This allows you to work on one little area at a time. Then when your entire piece is complete you can cure it under a UV lamp or out in full sunlight in about 10 to 20 minutes, (depending how deep you have made it). You know it has cured properly when there is no stickiness left, just a clear, smooth surface. It really is like working with fused or slumped glass except its convenient, much lower cost liquid formula. It is pre-mixed ready to go. Low shrinkage, low yellowing and has a degassing agent. All resins have ingredients that can cause allergies so please always where gloves while using this. All resins will discolour if left in direct sunlight eventually. (Apart from the curing). So it's best so keep your artwork inside (not on a window sill) or in a shady spot outdoors.

FUSED GLASS RESIN - (approx $20.18 USD)

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