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This sweet glide has got some pale blue and pink shading on it.


Personally I would just do my own thing over it.Remove clear Film. Tape your Erbium Laser Film (ELF) to your work surface. Preferably liftable.


Lay your H2O GLIDE face down onto your pre-cut sheet of ELF.


Spritz with water until saturated. Gently rub with soft cloth in one direction.


Slowly glide the white backing away. Your graphic should have transferred to the ELF.


Dab any water droplets very gently with a tissue.


Colour with Chiffon Inks.


If you coose to seal with kamar leave taped to your working board for 48 hours or it may buckle.

H2O Glide - Sparrow's got a Touch of Colour - 21 x 15cm

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