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TOCK WILL BE EXTREMELY LIMITEDComplete Mind Blower! This ink is literally a liquid rainbow. It makes regular inks look like they have been kissed by a fairy! Swipe a brush across your page and as it dries - voila! - a full spectrum rainbow right before your eyes! This ink is for exceptionally special highlights and effects. Made from a hybrid of the most precious rare earth mineral Erbium that mother nature has to offer. Order today - its the only holographic ink on the planet and it is moving very fast!


Holographic Ink yeilds the best results when used on a glassy substrate.


Ceramic tiles, Glass,ceramic objects, Ceramic Tile Paper, glass, shiny vinyl, shiny plastic, clear acetate and PolyArtGlarz are our favourites. These all make wonderful reflective surfaces for this ink to show its best qualities. Anything dull or porous doesn't allow the light to reflect back off the particles. The clear substrates have the added benefit of allowing you to lay any colour background that you choose behind them for further combination play.

"KISSED BY A FAIRY" Holographic Ink

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