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Painting resin is a beautiful thick instant skinning resin that is designed to be applied with a brush. This is excellent for reaching tricky little spots or building up fine but high lines.Brush on straight from the tub and immediately hit with our 55 lumen UV torch. This keeps the integrity of your lines while you build up your piece. When you are satisfied with your work you can either cure it under the same torch, holding it over every area for about 6 - 10 minutes. You can also cure the finished piece under a 36w lamp or take it out into bright sunlight and leave for about10 -20 minutes. All timing depends on how deep the resin is and is based on 2mm. As you build up to greater depth increase your timing by about 6 minutes per mm. Work in layers.  Don't allow your uv torch or lamp to shine into or near to your pot of resin to avoid curing in the pot. Don't work in sunlight to avoid premature curing. Keep your brush away from uv light and store it in a light safe container. Where rubber gloves to avoid allergic reactions, in a ventilated area. Replace lid promptly.


SKU: Painting Resin
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