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This is exquisite Resin. It is the highest viscosity resin possible, crystal clear and petrifies in a flash under our UV torch. Bend your wire into a petal shape, dip it in the resin tub, wait for it to make a bubble, scrape the drips on the side of the tub and hit it with the special torch. Voila! A beautiful glass looking flower in minutes. We love to paint ours with the Chiffon Alcohol Inks for a golden shimmer. You must put a barrier between the torch and the tub so you don't cure the entire contents. This is easy and we show you how on our facebook profile - Erbie an Linda. We also have a beautiful range of ready bent wire jewellery outlines for you to dip, set and decorate as you choose.

PLUNGE UV Dipping Resin (USA Approx $24.54)

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