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The perfect glue to use with Erbium Laser Burnish  when adding exceptional highlighhts to your work. Using either  a skewer, cardboard or other improvised tool, place the glue very carefully where you want the highlight. Less is more. When it is dry it will still be highly tacky - about 5 minutes (or if you've used it thickly about 10 minutes). At this point it should be transparent opposed to mikly white. Cut a little burnish off the roll and place it dull white side down onto the glue. Shiny silver side facing you. Rub the burnish with your finger (or other burnishing tool) then rip back off like you are removing a bandaid. Not too harshly. The laser foil will be left attached to the glue and there will be a bald spot on the burnish ribbon. (I usually have to hold my work down at this stage because  the glue is strong enough that your entire piece can move or lift up as you're ripping it back off). Repeat until you are happy with your sparkle and reflection! Voila!

TAKKA - Super tacky metal foil glue (USA approx $6.23)

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