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We are off to Canberra at the end of June. (And there's only 10 days left of this month). Returning in the second week of July. If you want anything from the web store take this into account as there will be 2.5 weeks that we can't post anything out - Friday 26 June will be our last day to respond immediately to orders. ? PLEASE PURCHASE TRACKING SEPARATELY FROM PAGE 3 - Once for all of your items. Our responsibility has to stop at the post office otherwise. All prices are in AU$ -

* Payment can be made via Paypal by credit card, debit card, bank account or e-check. Paypal will automate exchange currency for you. 

Please google cash converter to see what this equates to in your own currency - you will probably get a nice surprise as the Australian $ is very low. Subject to daily currency fluctuations. I am listing as many current local prices as I can - so you have a close idea of your actual cost. You are welcome to contact me @ [email protected]   if you have any questions. Australia Post says most countries can expect about a 10 day wait. Some rolls have taken up to 25 days, one took a month - so you'll need to be a little flexible and forgiving please. I hope you really enjoy my paper. Our intriguing designer ink range is made on the premises by nan and I. We don't have any fancy equipment so every single bottle of ink is made by hand, bottled by hand and labelled by hand. Perfection is not possible in this setting, so please be understanding if you find an occasional finger print, drip or something out of the ordinary. That is the nature of a little cottage industry. We do try our absolute best. Lots of love, #Erbie xxx


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